Goodbye beautiful site – hello new capabilities

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In our site news section, I previously announced that I would be switching to a new WordPress theme for the site. A theme is what gives the underlying data its organization, layout, and look. The switch occurred a bit more abruptly than I had anticipated, leaving little time to refine the look of the site.

I figured I had better write a quick article about what was happening, as I doubt most of my readers follow the site news page. Due to some hosting price changes and closure of my website business, I had to move the site to a new web host. It was incompatible with the old – though beautiful – theme I had been using for a long time. I only had time to quickly move the site and make a few adjustments.

The look will get better once I get more time to work on it. I really loved the look of that old theme, so I will attempt to capture a bit of that in the remake.

The good news is that the old theme had been holding things back technologically, or at least making some things far more difficult than they should be.

The new theme is one of the best available (in my opinion) and is quite flexible. This was so much the case, that I had standardized all of my clients on it for cgWerks’ website business. (I mention this, just in case any of my readers might be looking for a new theme, and would value advice from someone with WordPress industry expertise.)

One of the exciting things about the new theme is the ease of making a new feed (using an included, powerful plugin), which I intend to use for the long-coming podcast!

It will also make the site more compatible with all kinds of mobile devices (with little work on my part). It will improve the site structure from an SEO (search engine optimization) standpoint. (The old theme, while beautiful, was just wonky in that regard.) The list goes on and on, let alone remaining compatible and secure as time marches on.

I’m excited about future possibilities and looking forward to getting more active on expanding the resources of this site once again. If you have been a long time reader, thank you for sticking with us. If you’re new here, welcome. Either way, ‘stay tuned’ for more great things to come.