Apologetics Resources

The resources listed below are intended to help you learn about Christian apologetics or specific disciplines within Christian apologetics in greater detail.

Note: A listing here does not necessarily indicate is in agreement with every position held by the resource (or any position for that matter). It means we believe them to be a good quality resource and/or a good resource representing a particular view. (For example, we might post a link to a Muslim website because we discuss world religions and believe that site provides quality information about a particular Muslim viewpoint.) Also, just because a resource might be in error on one point does not mean they have nothing to offer. (For example, while this particular author believes N.T. Wright to be in error on his understanding of justification, there is no doubt that he is a brilliant scholar in many other aspects with much to contribute.) There is a tendency to hear something with which we disagree from a person or ministry, and then discount them completely as a resource. Part of what you learn (hopefully) at seminary or in other forms of higher education, is to NOT do this! We will try to note areas we think might be particularly contentious about each ministry so you realize it going in, as  this helps not to have that kind of reaction.


Alpha & Omega Ministries

Ministry site of Dr. James White and the podcast ‘The Dividing Line‘. James is known for his defense of Reformation doctrines, as well as specialization in areas of Biblical exegesis, languages, and translations. He also specializes in debate on topics such as Islam, Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Roman Catholicism, and King James Onlyism. Whether you agree with him on everything or not, few can match his level of scholarship or debate skills. He also champions the integrity of apologists and has called out Christian brothers and sisters[1. such as Ergun Caner and the associated ‘great Evangelical cover-up.’ see:] when they have been dishonest in their ministries, even at personal cost to his own ministry. This is a core quality also champions, as it is not only the Christian thing to do, but is also crucial to the discipline of Christian apologetics. Possible points of contention: Dr. White is strongly Calvinist and talks about that quite a bit (if you’re offended by that… I’m not sure why, but many seem to be). He also, as noted above, is not afraid to call out lack of integrity in other apologists or ministries. He does his homework and sometimes chides others for not doing likewise. Some seem to interpret these things as uncharitable or mean. (IMO, these are good things! … grow up people!)

Mistry site of a team of apologists who cover nearly every topic imaginable. They have a podcast/radio show, discussion boards, host seminars, etc. The podcast has been a resource and connection to other apologetic ministries for staff for many years. Possible points of contention: generally Old Earth Creationism; heavy on philosophy.

Apologetics Canada

This ministry was founded by Andy Steiger and is sponsored by (above). One of the primary goals of this ministry is to bring Apologetics conferences and apologetic training to Canada, but it is also quickly becoming a ‘hub’ connecting Canadian apologetic ministries and apologists together. is proud to be assisting with this ministry in various aspects including the apologetic conferences this ministry is bringing to Canada!

Apologetics 315

Ministry site of Brian Auten which collects information about apologetics ministries under one site. Books, audio, web sites, etc. are highlighted and organized. There is also a podcast where interviews with leading apologists can be heard. This is a must-watch resource for any Christian apologist!

Botox 4 the Brain

Blog site on ‘(Bio)ethics and more’ by a PhD candidate in biomedical ethics and law. The ethics surrounding human enhancement is a key focus, but the site also addresses topics such as: Transhumanism, Human Enhancement and Enhancing Technologies, Human Enhancement Ethics, Anthropological Ethics, Biomedical Ethics, Virtue Ethics, Moral Philosophy. Possible points of contention: Tendency to explore this difficult subject, not necessarily coming down on each issue morally. This might trouble some, as might the topic in general.

Christian Apologetics Alliance

This is the place I go if I get stumped, or to hang out with apologist friends online. Christian Apologetics Alliance is an association of Christian apologists (over 1200 last I checked!) with a primary discussion home on Facebook. It is a place for apologists to discuss topics and seek support. Some of the most respected Christian apologists frequent this forum, but there are many relatively new apologists there as well. Everyone can learn a lot. If you work in Christian apologetics, this is highly recommended as it provides a much needed community of peers! Possible points of contention: This is a very broad group of apologists, denominationally, theologically, politically, and in position on various hot topics.

Fighting for the Faith – Pirate Christian Radio

Podcast and radio ministry of Chris Rosebrough of Pirate Christian Radio. It is a comical, yet serious look at some of the craziness going on in or related to the Christian church. Sometimes it is commentary on fringe groups or cults, while other times it is critique of bad theology and sermons. It is always entertaining though may require a bit of background to understand the satire. Possible points of contention: Young Earth Creationism; no fear of exposing the ‘big names’ in Evangelicalism; need for a certain level of background to appreciate; some might take the humor as uncharitable, especially if he goes after one of YOUR favourite figures.

Ministry site of Jim W. Wallace who looks at apologetics from the vantage point of a cold case homicide detective. Jim’s level of research, organization of the data, and apologetic lesson material are quite impressive. His podcast is also excellent, and is how staff first encountered Highly recommended! Possible points of contention: Old Earth Creation, very oriented towards evidence (vs. presuppositional).


Ministry site of Dr. Jay L. Wile. Dr. Wile is a PhD scientist, apologist, and a Young Earth Creationist.  He is known for the “Exploring Creation with…” series of textbooks popular with homeschoolers. I would highly recommend him as a resource for understanding Young Earth Creationism, as he treats the other positions with great respect, often to the point of defending them when they are being uncharitably attacked by YEC folks, or by exposing bad YEC arguments in dialog between the camps (and taking the heat for doing so by some of the big figures in the YEC camp). Possible points of contention: Young Earth Creation.

Ratio Christi

Is a ministry committed to bringing dedicated Christian apologetics chapters to every secular/liberal university campus. What an excellent goal! Please support them if you are able, either through your apologetic talent or your financial contributions so they can put trained apologists to work in this kind of service.

Reasons To Believe

Ministry site founded by astronomer Dr. Hugh Ross. Reasons to Believe is an organization of scientists and philosophers (also Dr. Fazale Rana, Kenneth Samples, Dr. Jeffrey Zweerink, Dr. David H. Rogstad) who follow scientific discoveries and compare them to their scientific model based on Christianity and the Bible. They would often be called ‘Progressive Creationists’ or ‘Old Earth Creationists’ if trying to categorize their view on the Evolution / Creation debate. Along with the website, they also have several podcasts and books, as well as other resources. Possible points of contention: Old Earth Creationism.

The BioLogos Forum

Ministry site founded by Dr. Francis Collins of the Human Genome Project. This site would be a good representation of the Theistic Evolution or Evolutionary Creationist position. They are funded by the John Templeton Foundation, and include contributions from a number of scholars. Possible points of contention: Theistic Evolution or Evolutionary Creationism. A couple of their people get involved with very liberal Christianity or even, arguably, non-Christian enterprises.

The Poached Egg

Ministry site of Greg West which collects great apologetics blog articles from around the world. Greg also works tirelessly to promote Christian apologetics and other Christian apologetic ministries. This is a great resource if you are looking to keep up on what is being written by Christian apologists on the Internet, as well as to find great blogs to follow. Possible points of contention: information overflow! 😉 Greg points to or puts out a lot of information.

Stand To Reason

Ministry site founded by Greg Koukl, who covers a wide range of Christian apologetic issues and more general Christian theology and Biblical interpretation. Greg is a top-notch Christian thinker and speaker. In addition to the website, books, training materials and other resources, Greg hosts a 3-hour weekly radio show which is available as a podcast. Greg has greatly influenced the knowledge and thinking of staff for many years. Highly recommended! Possible points of contention: Old Earth Creationism.


Apologetics blog and podcast by Chris Date, who covers a wide range of Christian apologetic issues and more general Christian theological issues. While I disagree with Chris on a couple of points, I have been impressed by how he researches and thinks through the issues he tackles (as well as how he treats others with whom he disagrees!). This is a great resource and Chris represents apologetics in a way that makes us proud. Possible points of contention: Young Earth Creationism; annihilationism.


Ministry site of Justin Brierley who hosts a radio broadcast and podcast which puts top proponents of opposing views into conversation and debate. Often, this involves a non-Christian and a Christians, but sometimes involves two sides of an issues within Christianity. These discussions often feature the top proponents of the views (PZ Myers, Bart Ehrman, Stephen Meyer, Philip Pullman, Peter Atkins, Michael Shermer, Peter Hitchens, Alister McGrath, Michale Behe, Alvin Plantinga just to name a few). would highly recommend this resource, however you should probably familiarize yourself with basic apologetics first to help in following the discussions. Highly recommended! Possible points of contention: You’re going to hear things here you agree with and disagree with (obviously). You need a bit of discerning maturity for this.

White Horse Inn

Ministry site of a panel of Reformed theologians (Dr. Michael Horton, Dr. Rod Rosenbladt, Ken Jones, and Dr. Kim Riddlebarger) who have been broadcasting and promoting understanding of core Christian beliefs for many years. This is a resource that many apologists cut their teeth on, and is still an excellent resource (I first started listening to them on cassette if that tells you anything). They also publish Modern Reformation Magazine. The radio program is also available as a podcast. Possible points of contention: Calvinistic / reformed position.