Getting the most out of (the web site) depends on why you are visiting.

If you are here because you attended a training session, and would like something to supplement your notes (ie: what was taught at our basic apologetic courses):

  • Start with the categories (the category menu is on the right hand side of the main page) Foundations and Term Definition.[1. Note, we are still working on adding these to the site, so watch for more to come.] These will give you articles on the main apologetics topics at an overview level, and is similar to what we present in class. Then, you might branch out into reading other articles on your topic of interest (under Topics) to go deeper, or check out Commentary or news items (In the News), etc. Basically, once you have the foundations down, you can use this site to keep up to date or to learn more about topics you want to follow. Be sure to check out our Resources page for links to other great apologetic sites.

If you are visiting because some article brought you here (via a search engine or link on another site):

  • Look around and enjoy. You can use the category menu (right hand side of the main page) to find other articles in your areas of interest under Topics. If you want to learn more about basic apologetics, use the Foundations and Term Definition categories to narrow down to that material.

If you are visiting because someone told you about

  • Take a look around. See the suggestions above; but be sure to check out the About page(s) from the menu at the top. This will tell you a lot more about our goals as a ministry, as well as give you a place to contact us if you would like.

If you are visiting because you are skeptical of Christianity:

  • Welcome! We hope you find this a friendly place to interact (if you choose to do so). We encourage your feedback. While we might not go easy on your worldview, we hope to treat you, as a person, with respect. Please read our Comment Policy! page, as we do keep thing civil and we do moderate comments. However, we DO NOT moderate out comments because you make good arguments (even if they are better than our own), we moderate them if you are a) uncivil in your dialog or b) if you are just spamming us and not really interacting with us in discussion (ie: if you keep saying the same thing over and over and it becomes clear you aren’t even interacting with our responses). We’re after the truth and we hope you are too! (Note: if you look carefully, you will notice that we do, at times, edit our articles, add sections for clarity, or create notes based on feedback from people like you. We usually even do these in a different color to highlight them.)

If you are visiting and just hoping to learn more about apologetics:

  • Similar to those who have taken our classes, first start with the categories (the category menu is on the right hand side of the main page) Foundations and Term Definition. These will give you articles on the main apologetics topics at an overview level. Once you have that down, start to expand based on Topics that interest you, or just read the site as we post new articles. Be sure to check out our Resources page for links to other great apologetic sites. Even better, if you are in an area we serve with in-person training, talk to us or your leadership about having us come and provide some training!