The ‘Commentary’ category is a place for commentary on various apologetics issue that don’t necessarily fit the ‘In the News’ section.


This category is a special place for core areas of apologetics. If you want to get all the articles of the main core areas of apologetic training, read the ones in this category. An example might be ‘Existence of God’ or ‘Christ’s Resurrection’ instead of more sub-articles on these core topics, such as ‘Morality as an evidence for God’s existence’ or ‘What is the ‘swoon theory’ in reference to Christ’s Resurrection’.


A general category for ministry and site news.

In the News

The ‘In the News’ category is a place for commentary on, and examination of, current events. This is a bit risky, as especially with current events, not everyone is likely to agree and emotions run high. It would be sad to lose readers over disagreement on controversial issues. However, I think seeing what we are discussing in theory, applied to small case studies, will be worth it.

Term Definition

Words have meanings, but sometimes the same word can have multiple meanings, or misunderstood meanings. For apologists (or really anyone) to have constructive dialog, it is important to be on common ground when using various terms. This category of the site will help add depth to our understanding of words and terminology.


A ‘holder’ category for various sub-categories putting articles into apologetic topical categories. ie: Evolution/Creation, Problem of Evil, Existence of God, Bible, etc. Picking a topical sub-category will give you selected articles on that topic (though not necessarily every article on a topic). Search or the ‘tag cloud’ might give you more articles related to a particular term or subject.